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My Electrician Lights - ( ) - Looking for professional downlights? Then view our full range of bathroom, kitchen, LED and fire rated downlights. Wide selection of Downlights: mains, low voltage, fire rated, bathroom, shower, contractor packs and new LED Downlights. The contemporary favourite, downlights bring a seamless sophistication to your kitchen, bathroom or living areas

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme or the VEET Scheme as we more commonly know it oversee a number of energy efficiency activites designed to reduce  carbon emissions within Victoria. Energy efficient works related to the scheme create finacial incetives that make the initial installation more affordable

One of these activities called 21c allows the change over of a 12v halgoen downlight globe to an LED downlights where the incentive value covers the cost of the supply of the LED lights and installation by an A grade Electrician.

If you have 10 downlights or under a service call charge of $79.95 is required if you have over 10 downlights there is no out of pocket costs!

The LED globes produce a very similiar light to the halogen in both light color and light output. The Primsal LED lights also operates a lot cooler than halgoen globes reducing the risk of downlight related fires.

Unfortunately the free LED downlights provided are not compatible with dimmers, we can explain what your options are over the phone should you have dimmers in your home.

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